Functional Elements

Application functionality without leaving the comfort of HTML

App Elements

Independent elements related to the file as an application.

  • App Console Logging
  • App Theme Detection & Control
  • UI Component Kit Integrations (Ionic, shoelace, Material, etc)
  • PWA Support (coming)
  • Expose Event/Actions to the DOM

Action Elements

Action elements to declare event-based functionality for NENT and custom components.

  • Declared Actions
  • Reactive Activators
  • Add Custom Async Functions

Routing Elements

Independent view routing and navigation system.

  • Single Page Application Routing
  • Fast navigation between views
  • Page History
  • Route Transitions
  • Nested Layouts
  • Nav Links with Active Route detection
  • Nav Lists:
    Nav-Bars, Child Menus, and Breadcrumbs
  • Guided Navigation

Content Elements

Independent elements for features around content HTML.

  • Content Templates
  • Deferred Content
  • Content Data Injection
  • Markdown Rendering
  • Remote HTML / Partials

Audio Elements

Optional elements to display a global player for declared audio commands. The player orchestrates audio playback in a declared, reactive and unobtrusive way.

  • Voice-over Audio
  • Event-based Sounds
  • Route-driven Background Music

Presentation Elements

Optional elements to normalize timing events between various video players or time on route

  • Time-based Action Activation
  • Automatic Navigation by Time or Media Events
  • Video-based Content Updates

Data Extension

Optional enhancements elements to add data-functionality and data-providers.

  • Data Expression Evaluations for Conditioned Elements
  • Data Token Resolution for any Data Provider
  • Conditional Rule Evaluation for Guided Navigation

Element Extension

Optional extension that allows for light DOM manipulation

  • Declarative HTML Manipulation
  • Special Attributes for Conditional on Any Element
  • Conditional Rule Evaluation

Built with Love

  • Fast: Lightweight and lightening fast: No Framework & Lazy Loaded
  • Themeable: BYO UI System, designs and themes. NENT stays out of the way.
  • Extensible: BYO Data with a plugin system to easily connect your data
  • Typed: Built with TypeScript so you can enjoy completely typed components
  • Portable: Native web components with hooks to integrate with any framework
  • Trackable: Analytics & Behavior Tracking Plugins